160 PSI Mid Pressure Misting Kit Desabled

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Improve evaporation effectiveness and achieve better cooling results with 160psi mid pressure outdoor misting kit. Equipped with the some of the best innovative features in the market, this mid pressure mist system helps produce significantly better cooling results over low pressure mist systems. Expandable, user friendly and durable.

Summers are all about having fun and enjoying the outdoors. But, there is this one problem...Heat. Well, we got a solution for that! A low cost & easy to install mid pressure mist cooling system. Designed with installer experience in mind, package includes everything for quick and easy installation. No prior experience or expertise is required. Simply hook up the pump to outdoor faucet or garden hose and start building the mist line by cutting the tube and inserting the mist fittings at desired locations!

Though there are plenty of cooling systems available in the market today, ours come with the most advance features such as Brass & Stainless Steel Mist nozzles, UV treated flexible tubing and push to connect fittings. These quality components are then powered by industry leading mid pressure mist pump that will provide years of trouble free operation. Perfect for residential and small commercial type applications.

This system boasts a max 160 psi mid pressure pump that has the ability to support 30 nozzles - perfect for creating cool spaces in the fastest time. These nozzles are easy to clean and have a long lifespan. In addition to being user-friendly, mid pressure 160 psi mist kit is expandable to meet cooling demands of virtually any residential backyard.

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